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“We’ve Made History Together!” This isn’t just a teaser on publicity materials for the anniversary celebration of Noxon Rapids Dam and the Clark Fork Settlement Agreement, it’s a true statement. Avista has been providing energy to people and been part of the communities in the Inland Northwest since 1889. And the 50th anniversary of the first power generated at Noxon Rapids provides another opportunity to reflect on that history – a history marked by foresight, community outreach and working with others to protect the environment.

A new brochure that was distributed in Sanders County, Mont. and will be distributed to attendees of the anniversary celebration honors the history of Avista on the Clark Fork with the story of Noxon Rapids, a story of community growth, environmental stewardship, and relationship building over the past half century. Check out the brochure.

The Noxon Rapids 50th/Clark Fork Settlement Agreement 10th Anniversary celebration will be held in Noxon, Mont., Oct. 1. The public celebration, which will include a free community picnic, live band and tours of Noxon Rapids, begins at 3 p.m. at Pilgrim Creek Park, and is open to the public, Avista employees, contract employees and retirees.
Posted by  System Account  on  9/22/2009
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