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Life can be unpredictable

CARES representatives know that and they work hard to aid customers with special needs. Our representatives assist the elderly, the disabled and customers who find themselves in difficulty due to health, employment, family or other problems.

By offering support in a variety of ways, CARES representatives do everything they can to create solutions beneficial to both the customer and to Avista. And through this close interaction, our representatives help Avista better anticipate our customers’ future needs.

Here are some of the ways CARES representatives make things better:

  • Help customers better understand their bill and how it can be paid, and make special payment arrangements.
  • Determine if customers qualify for energy assistance grants, other grants or aid, and can give minor budgeting advice on other bills.
  • Help qualifying customers apply for the low income weatherization program.
  • Help customers with special problems find assistance from other agencies within the community.

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