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  • Compressed Air Challenge - Level 1 training on July 17 in Spokane, WA. Are your compressed air energy costs under control? Even the smallest compressed air system is a relatively large source of energy consumption and cost. Make your company more profitable with the Compressed Air Challengeā„¢, a series of seminars that applies proven techniques to achieve cost-effective solutions. Optimizing your compressed air systems can lead to higher productivity, energy savings, increased product quality and greater efficiency. This training offers attendees the opportunity to use their own system data in seminar exercises, as well as mastery of compressed air system components and techniques. Attendees can apply training and implement changes immediately upon return to their work place.
    • Register for July 17 ($139 registration fee) Compressed Air Challenge training.
  • Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water and Cooling Towers training on October 28-29 in Spokane, WA. Chilled Water Systems, which provide cooling for industrial and commercial facilities, often account for a major portion of the energy consumed in these facilities. Attendees will learn how technology improvements can reduce energy costs by more than half. Topics include chiller machinery, refrigerant options, the impact of using variable speed for compressors, and system pumps. In addition, a case study will be presented that shows how an energy-efficient chiller was selected. This training is coordinated by NEEA Industrial Training project and sponsored by Avista, Inland Power and Electric Company, Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Food Processors Association, and Washington State University-Extension Energy Program.
    • Register for October 28 ($139 registration fee) Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Systems training.
    • Register for October 29 ($139 registration fee) Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Systems training.
    • Register for both October 28 and October 29 ($199 registration fee) Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Systems training.
  • All recorded webinars and any upcoming webinars can be found at NEEA NW Industrial Training.

Past Webinars

Topic Webinar PDF
Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) ASD webinar ASD PDF
Energy Auditing and Troubleshooting Auditing webinar Auditing PDF
Boiler and Chiller Maintenance for Maximum Efficiency Boilers/chillers webinar Boilers/chillers PDF
Compressed Air Energy Management: What You Need to Know Compressed air webinar Compressed air PDF
Achieving Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Data centers webinar Data centers PDF
Energy Management Opportunities for Industrial Customers Energy management webinar Energy management PDF
Developing an Energy Plan Energy plan webinar Energy plan PDF
Energy Efficiency Investment Analysis Investment analysis webinar Investment analysis PDF
Advances in Lamps and Ballasts Lighting webinar Lighting PDF
Improve Power Factor at Your Facility Power factor webinar Power factor PDF

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